Holy Cross students awarded scholarships to CBA, Trinity Hall

Dr. Mark DeMareo, principal of Holy Cross Academy, stands with a few of the 2021 eighth-grade graduating class.

RUMSON — Holy Cross Academy’s 2021 eighth-grade graduating class is soaring to new heights as they prepare for the next chapter of their lives in high school.

From acceptances to scholarships, Holy Cross Academy’s graduating class displays how determination and perseverance can contribute to success.
Thomas Feeney, an eighth-grader who attends Holy Cross Academy in Rumson, earned Christian Brothers Academy’s (CBA) Founders Scholarship. The Founders Scholarship is determined on the basis of entrance exam scores,
grades and evaluations from HCA, contents of the application, and an essay written during the entrance exam.

Marcus Blasucci, Holy Cross Academy eighth-grader, earned CBA’s The Brother Cyril O’Neill, FSC Memorial Scholarship for social sciences.

Jack Keavey, Holy Cross eighth-grader, earned CBA's The Mark ’97 and Christy Russo Endowed Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to an incoming freshmen who has demonstrated superior Christian leadership in his community.

Mairead Kane, an eighth-grader who was accepted to Trinity Hall, earned a Merit Award from Trinity Hall based on academic achievement. Trinity Hall’s Merit Awards are determined by the entrance exam and supported by teacher recommendations and grades.

Brynn Howard, from Holy Cross Academy’s 2021 class, was also accepted to Trinity Hall and earned a Merit Award based on her outstanding academic achievement.

Hannah Nitka, Holy Cross eighth-grader, earned a Merit Award from Trinity Hall based on academic achievement, as well. Nitka was also accepted to High Technology High School, a Monmouth County Vocational School District specialized career academy focusing on science, mathematics, and technology in support of a pre-engineering career field.

Olivia Domagala, Holy Cross Academy eighth-grade student, was accepted to the Marine Academy of Science and Technology, also a Monmouth County vocational academy that focuses on marine sciences and marine technology/ engineering.

The commitment to their studies and the optimism to make this year count has shown true through Holy Cross Academy’s 2021 class’s accomplishments.